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6 Best Supplements for Healing Leaky Gut Effectively

Since the syndrome of leaky gut is getting higher amount of victim, many professionals are looking for the best cure for it. It can be seen from the presence of many best supplements for healing leaky gut that are developed and spread in the middle of the society. It makes the people are easier in getting these stuff anytime.

Leaky gut related to the amount of enzyme, bacteria, and even the cells that are functioned as the support for digestive process. If these elements are treated well, the condition of the gut will also be better. Supplements are needed because it array higher amount of nutrients inside. One of Minnesota physician, Tom Suilt, MD is also said that the symptoms of leaky gut will be related to the leakage. If the leak is not so much or minor, it will be confined to hastroinstenial or GI tract.

best supplements for healing leaky gut

Recommended Supplements for Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms

  1. L-Glutamine

You can start with the presence of L-glutamine as one of supplements to heal gut wall. It is the supplement that contains the amino acid inside. It is very useful to raise the performance of immune in doing the better nutrients absorption and body health barrier.

It contribute properly in giving the better solution such as improving the growth of the gut lining, repair it and also recover some damage that are already caused by the leaky gut. In some of the case, L-Glutamine is also contributes in reduce sugar craving. Better L-Glutamine dosage is 3 to 5 grams per day. [Depth explanation about L-Glutamine supplement benefits]

  1. Betaline Hydrochloric Acid

This supplement is also well known as HCL. There are couple reasons why this element is needed for better body digestion and clean gut recommended supplements. It will gain the amount of protein digestion. The higher minerals in the gut will also be maintained well. It also has some other element such as the presence of vitamin B12. With all the presence of these benefits, HCL is really needed to be composed with meal for your daily eating.

  1. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

This supplement is called as DGL. It is little bit different with the other leaky gut repair supplements that are tending to be in the form of chemical. This stuff is formed herbal, so it is natural and safe for the daily consumption. Based on its history, DGL is the oldest good supplement for the gut.

The base material for this element is licorice; however the glycyrrhizin is removed because it will give higher blood pressure. With this mix and specially crafted herbal, the mucosal lining will be maintained properly.

  1. Caprylic Acid

Choosing caprylic acid is also another idea of raising the performance of your gut inner elements. As you know, acid will contribute wellness performance even from the damaged gut. It will give you the presence of better calcium and magnesium inside.

The higher amount of these leaky gut treatment supplements will gain a proper function for the gastrointestinal tract. Based on the composition and some research, this acid is also contributed as the antifungal and antiviral activity on the body which can lead to the balanced and controlled gut inline areas.

  1. Probiotics

You might find this stuff around the daily yoghurt that you consume. Can Probiotic cure leaky gut? Probiotic will be functioned well as the feed for the good bacteria that are contained in your body. This bacteria feed will improve the activity of good bacteria in the terms of food digestion.

To ensure that you are using good bacteria as natural supplements for leaky gut syndrome, you have to avoid consuming the antibiotics, steroids or the other medication that functioned as acid-blocking. [Read more about best Probiotics for leaky gut]

  1. Digestive Enzymes

You probably common in heard that the digestive enzymes are the important thing to treat.  Basically that is pretty right. Choose some supplements that are having great contribution to the enzymes of digestion. It will help the gut lining to do some primary job such as food nutrients absorption, breakdown and so on.

Some macronutrients are also capable to be broken down as the nutrients that are needed by the body. The enzymes are functioned well as the repairmen for the leaky gut. [Explore the best digestive enzymes for leaky gut syndrome]

Beside these main supplements that are recommended by the professionals, you can also get the others. Some element that also suggested is Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root. The basic works and function of these supplements are also great as the others. You can choose one or two that you think most affordable and can be used as your daily partner. Do not choose best supplements for healing leaky gut that you does not like because it can disturb the continuity and recovery time.


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