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How to Fix Leaky Gut Effectively

The uncontrolled food consumption that is containing so much chemical will lead the body element to the worse condition. One of the conditions that are caused by the bad food management is leaky gut. Many people who are already had the symptoms are looking for the way of how to fix leaky gut.

Actually it can be done after the sufferer know the cause and what leaky gut itself actually.  This is a condition where your digestion process is affected by the other cause such as alcohol, modern food, stress, bacteria and so on. Of course this condition creates some different treatment in the inner surface of the gut.

It starts with the presence of irritation and even inflammatory in the gut. When it happens, even it is just a small one; it might create the delicate lining in the intestinal wall. When the lining is damaged, it will give bad effects to the body. It will not afford the regular digestion as before.

That is why the right step of how to cure leaky gut syndrome is really needed. The director of Center for Celiac Research and Treatment (Massachusetts General Hospital for Children) said that it is recently recognized that the leaky gut is also have contribution for autoimmune disorders.

how to fix leaky gut syndrome naturally

How to Fix Leaky Gut Both for Preventive and Recovery

Liz Lipski, PhD as the author of Digestive Wellness is also argued that the leaky gut can be suspended when someone is capable to suffer from the disease, chronic stress, or inflammation. It can be concluded that the basic cause of this gut syndrome is divided into some aspects. Some of them are the chronic stress, diet, medications, inflammations, lack of zinc, and yeast.

After you know that you or someone is suffering this condition, you have to check how to fix leaky gut as soon as possible. So, these are the proper way of leaky gut treatments:

  • Supplement consumption

We know that one of the causes of leaky gut is the presence of fewer nutrients in body. That is the basic cause of mal-absorption in the gut inline wall. You can choose some leaky gut treatment supplements that contain the definite nutrients, especially the nutrients that have good impact for your gut health. They can be in the form of zinc, vitamin D, and even l-glutamine. [Read more about 6 best supplements for healing leaky gut ]



  • Diet restrictions

Although diet is already proven to be the great way of reducing the body fat and body weight, it is better for you to stop the routine from now. It happens because other needed nutrients cannot be absorbed well by your body. All you need for how to heal leaky gut syndrome fast is to ensure that you are eliminate consumption of sugar, grain, starches and some irritating foods. [Depth explanation for What foods to avoid with leaky gut syndrome? ]


how to fix leaky gut fast


  • Digestive enzymes

Importance of digestive enzymes is really needed here. They will function well in breaking down your food while you are eating anything. It is the natural process that can only be happen if the amount of enzyme is enough.

With the proper consumption of the food in SCD diet plan, you will have a multi-faceted food that will give great result for the way of how to fix leaky gut. Besides giving the better food nutrients breakdown, you can also have so many additional function like removing the bacteria, toxins, and also some other damaged cells around your gut lining.


  • Consuming Probiotics

Do not ignore the power of probiotics for the gut recovery. The presence of good bacteria is very functional for giving the better result during your way to fix leaky gut and reverse chronic illness.

The probiotics itself is the feed for the good bacteria. It means that your good bacteria will always exist and even growth if you feed them with the powerful quality of probiotics. It can improve the function of the gut lining in breaking down the food nutrients and get the useful only. [Read more about What is the best probiotic for leaky gut syndrome? ]



These effective steps are only capable to reach the maximum result if you done them continuously. It needs the special treatment and willing so you can always treat your gut daily. Some of the professionals are also suggesting for consuming some element such as the omega 3 fatty acids. Some others are suggesting with the higher glutamine consumption.

You do not need all of them to be inserted to your body. Put some that you trust and be sure to consume them as the way of how to fix leaky gut for your lovely body health.

For a complete guide on fixing leaky gut through a natural and holistic approach, visit Karen Brimeyer’s Leaky Gut Cure™. Karen is a certified nutritionist, holistic health consultant and a leaky specialist.

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