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How to Test for Leaky Gut Syndrome Accurately

Inner health problem are the thing that are not possible to be detected without any high attention of the owner itself. We have to aware toward any small changes in our body. The small changes can relate to the inner body health condition. Some ways of how to test for leaky gut syndrome are also useful to check if someone is already infected by the syndrome. This is a gut syndrome that leads to the bad nutrient absorption which can give very bad impacts to the body health.

Once it going further, the healing processes are difficult and impossible. However if we treat it from the initial, it can be reduced and even removed. These facts are strengthened by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD as one of the health book coauthor is also said that it was not surprising if intestinal-permeability problems were pervasive.

how to test for leaky gut syndrome

In our body, there are so many amount of bacteria and cells that done their work. With the most appropriate treatment and food consumption, your gut will capable to manage these contains and resulting the best body health.

However the effect of some modern food, junk food, alcohol and any other unhealthy elements are giving massive changes to these cells and bacteria. It creates bad condition that make people want to hold a home test for leaky gut syndrome. So, are you gonna to determine if you have leaky gut by yourself or should you contact the professionals?

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4 Ways How to Test for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Well, here are some types of the leaky gut syndrome test that you need to know:

  1. Lactulose test

This test is also called as the Mannitol test. This is a sequence of test that is used properly for checking the amount of element that contains in your body elements. The method is by checking the sufferer’s urine and measuring the amount of the sugar, lactulose and mannitol. These are the body elements that are mostly produced by the leaky gut syndrome. If the amount is high enough, it can be concluded that the sufferer is already become the suspect.

how do doctor test for leaky gut syndrome
  1. Parasite test

This leaky gut syndrome test is one of the most common tests that are used in any health clinic or health center in the country. It is the test that checks the presence of parasites. It happens because the gut problem might be caused by the presence of breeding ground for parasites.

The form of infection can be various. However it is commonly happen around the area of tropical countries. It does not mean that the people who are living in western are free from this parasite. Some of the case shows that the western has chronic condition that is affected by the parasite itself.

how do you test for leaky gut syndrome
  1. Food intolerance test

In the gut, there are so many good bacteria, cells, enzymes and even immune that will be effective in keeping the health. When the amount of the immune system is hyperactive, it can give the additional function for the antibodies. With this condition, the immune can force the body to invested foods. However this condition is only happen for some certain foods only.

This leaky gut syndrome test is little bit inaccurate, however it can be one of the best option to ensure that someone is getting the leaky gut syndrome or not.

how to get tested for leaky gut
  1. Bacterial dysbiosis test

Weakness of the gut absorbing system might be strongly affected by the presence of the bacteria. That is why the bacterial dysbiosis test is much recommended for blood test for leaky gut syndrome. It is the test about the imbalance bacterial life. It can be concluded by the presence of pH change in the system of GI.

Some of the test results are common give the specific condition such as the presence of small intestinal bacterial over growth. It is also well known as the SIBO conditions. By the presence of this condition, there can also be the presence of opportunistic bacteria, for example the overgrowth of H. pylori and E. coli.


The condition of intestinal hyper permeability can be caused strongly by the condition where the intestinal lining damage. That is why most of the test is used to measure the contents of the inline wall of the gut. In the normal digestion process, the useful nutrients will be absorbed and the useless will be removed.

However when it does not in the good condition, some toxins, bacteria and even some bad condition can be absorbed into the bloodstream. To ensure that you do not have this condition, you must learn how to test for leaky gut syndrome or bring it to the doctor.

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